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Author SignEd Copies

Urban View from Window

First off, thank you! Fans like you make the hours upon hours I spent creating this book worthwhile.

The signed copies come direct from me and include a signature and personalized message from me. I can accept payment by Paypal only. Costs are:

  • $29.99 for 1 signed copy with personal message. Includes flat rate domestic shipping.

  • $49.99 for 2 signed copies with personal messages. Includes flat rate USPS domestic shipping.

To order please email me:

In your message, please indicate how many copies you are ordering, where they will ship, and how the personal message should be addressed.

If you:

  • Need Expedited Shipping

  • Are Shipping Outside of the U.S.

  • Are Ordering More Than 2 Copies

Please let me know in your email and we will arrange a fair price specific to your needs.

Best Regards,


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