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A Cyberpunk Thriller


A failed mission. Corruption. And antimatter weapons on the loose..

Renowned physicist Luka Janovic is returning to a launch facility when he is attacked by an antimatter weapon—one that shouldn’t exist.

NASA is preparing its first manned expedition to Europa and the world holds its collective breath with trillions of dollars on the line. As Chief Engineer for the mission, they count on Luka, but the attack casts doubt on his already fading convictions.

His closest friends and fellow crewmembers begin to disappear. It seems a clandestine enemy is trying to kill him using the very technology he created.

Desperate, Luka flees to the dangerous underworld of Low City and is thrust to the center of a twisted conspiracy. If he’s to survive he’ll need information, and new allies, but with antimatter technology at stake, betrayal could be lurking in the place he least expects it.

A scientist’s haunted past and precarious future are locked on a collision course in this action-packed cyberpunk thriller.


The Europa Omnibus Edition includes Europa Novellas 1-3: Europa, Helena, and Viktoria.  Europa is for fans of works like Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick, which inspired the Blade Runner films.

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